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Thread: Blower speeds

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    So after installing a system in your home-you didnt notice them starting each unit up to make sure they worked?

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    I bet the "other" contractor and "brand" would have done a better job.

    Your problem as stated ,should be easy for them to renedy,so not to worry .

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    I would not adjust the settings since it was possibly charged with the blower on high care must be taken to assure the compressor is not overcharged on low speed. If you have a TXV valve you could go ahead and try to reset dip switches.
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    Don't see how it could have been charged on high speed as from the sounds of it this unit has never been run or the charge checked.

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    Just to be clear on what work I had done.

    The installer removed an old gas furnace and replaced it with a new variable speed furnace.

    They were not servicing the A/C unit at that time.

    But since the blower is part of the furnace I would have thought that:

    A: They should have reconnected the A/C to the circuit board.

    B: They should have set the fan speed to the appropriate settings for the furnace and the A/C - it would appear that they didn't since all settings are the factory defaults.

    I bet you if I ask them what A/C unit is installed and what capacity it is they have no idea. I don't believe they checked. The unit is 5 years old and was installed by a different contractor by the previous home owner. They certainly never asked me for any information on the unit.

    They couldn't test the A/C unit fully anyway because it was winter and the A/C unit outside was covered.

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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    Extremely rare around here for any installer to set blower speeds. They just leave them where they come from the factory excessive or otherwise.
    You're kidding, right? (Grin)

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