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    Dehumidifier Evaluation / History

    How do you feel about the AprilAire 1700 in service as a Whole House dehumidifier without Outside Air ?


    Capacity ... 3,000 Sq. Ft +_ ?

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    I just installed a new Aprilair 1700 about 3 weeks ago. RH was between 62 to 74 for 6 years. Now it is between 48 to 52%.

    It does about 2,200 sq/ft. the price I got with LG pump (1 gallon), all duct work (collars to) was too good to pass up.

    Works great!


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    I am looking at putting one in for a similar situation.. 2800 sq. ft., no outside air. (house is 50yo, no huge leaks but definitely not tight construction) A supplemental portable dehum placed under the main air return grille helped immensely last summer (though loud and in the way) and during no/low cooling demand (but still muggy) shoulder seasons.

    I'll be interested to see the responses to this one.

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    Check out the Ultra-Aire. UA use 6 amps to remove 90 pints vs the 9 amps for the aprilaire. Also better air filtering and controls fresh air ventilation for the UA. Price about the same. UA is highest eff. TB

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