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    Frozen Carbonated Beverage query

    Hello. Iam new to the Frozen beverage machine world, but plan to set up one in my city for commercial usage. However, i am really confused as to whether the Frozen carbonated beverage machines (FCB) in non - pressurized form require FCB syrup with foaming agent or can it work with regular syrup ( such as regular coke syrup) that is used in fountain soda dispensers. Ive read that in Canada the foaming agent is not allowed so do they use regular syrup in their FCB machines to make frozen coke? Please let me know, thank you.

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    Depends on the machine. Some use syrup an it mixes with water as it is pumped to the machine. Some use soda straight from the bottle. If its a manual fill, betcha it's for bottled soda. Read the specs and instructions/product recommendations

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    Its a Taylor C300 FCB machine. But in the unpressurized form. I think its fully automated. Do you know if that can work with normal soda and make frozen coke like the slurpee one's in Canada?

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