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    This is the third new home repair I have been called out for in the last two weeks. Same builder and Sub on all three. New homes all 1250-1350 sq ft. All have 2 ton ac units. After the first one, the other two were easy to troubleshoot. All have a around 6-7 x 13-14 dust pattern on the filter. They had a 78-96 sq in return air opening. All homeowner complained of low airflow and unit not coolig properly. All are on gas heat and one did mention high gas bill. I made the hole as large as possible and recharged the units.

    I saw this problem for the first time a couple on months ago by the same sub who installed these ac units.
    Is there anything else I should look for and what would be the minium size for supply air in this case. I think I'll advise builder of his sub.

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    Post Likes did good on spoting a poor duct design,and you
    can call them on it,but it most likely will fall on a death ears.

    Also keep in mind most system you come to that lack proper
    airflow in most cases will be overcharge as well.

    What can you say to people that put the cart before the horse..

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