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    I would like to clean the condensing unit at my part-time job location.The condensing units are located inside the parking garage. The solution I looked at for condensor coil cleaning said not to use it indoors.I didnt want to use an acid based solution because I dont want to stain up the nice concrete floor.The tenants are very fussy.The coil is pretty dusty because of all the road sand and salt brought in from the long Minnesota winter. Can someone please suggest what to use that will do a good job and not hurt the concrete?The units are 5 years old and probably never cleaned.There is plenty of water nearby. Thanks for any replys and suggestions.

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    Yellow Death! aka CalClean

    Or for really nasty coils.

    Thermonuclear Yellow Death!

    My personal favorite.

    Foaming Yellow Death

    The foaming stuff probably wouldn't be the best choice for use inside a parking garage though.

    Just be sure the area is well ventalated, maybe use a good fan or something to blow vapors away from you. Don't forget the gloves, eye protection and maybe an orgainic vapor filtering mask since it is in a parking garage.

    None of these products will harm concrete, or even poison landscaping.

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    you might try using, i think the brand is 'TOTALINE'. they have some green coil cleaner. i have used it with great sucsess. i just mix it with water in a pump up sprayer. the solution is sprayed on and rinsed off well with water after a few minutes. this really cleans up the coils weather indoors or out!

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    Just use water if it's just dirt it comes off fairly easy.....cotton wood seed is the bear.
    Take your time & do it right!

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    Both NuCalgon and TotalLine have some good 'safe' cleaners for condensors. These are non acid and we've had good cleaning results with no complaints from staining, plant damage, odors, etc. Greg

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