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    i work hvac in ny and ct and was wondering if a homeowner can pull their own permit for putting a boiler and an indirect in. i have a vacation home on martha's vineyard.
    i know i can do my own electric and carpentry stuff thru a homeowner permit, not sure on this as it kinda falls into the plumbing code where i can't do anything as a homeowner/ unlicenced installer in mass.

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    I am pretty sure a home owner can do any repairs or replacements he desires, it is his home.
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    It would be pretty rare and probably non existent for a loale to not allow a homeowner to pull their own permits. That would go against the grain of virtually all general rules of property owner rights & code intents. Now, if it is a commercial property that may be a different story all together. Greg

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    Massachusetts is loaded with permits and laws. You can pull a permit to wire your home and get it inspected. YOU CANNOT LEGALLY do plumbing, even as little as changing a faucet washer. To put in a gas heating system you need a gas fitters lic (it goes with a plumbing lic) and a permit from the gas insp. If propane you also need a permit for the tank from the fire dept. If it is oil you need an oil burner license also called a Certificate of Competency and a permit to install from the fire dept who also inspects it. Once installed you can work on gas with out a lic, a homeowner can do filter and nozzle changes on oil and anyone can work on the non-potable water side of a heating system.

    Confused yet,


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