Hello, I had several companies come and give me an quote for replacing my evaporator coil (wasn't replaced when the condensing unit was replaced - now we have a continuous freon leak). The company I am probably going with also suggested we replace the furnace at the same time. The furnace in place is about 13 years old. Also it has had a lot of water leaked on it from a frozen pipe above it (that wasn't insulated properly).

He said we could replace it with a variable speed trane unit - xv80. He said it would save us money in the winter, but also help the air conditioner work better - that our 4 ton 10 seer would work more like an 11 seer. Okay, so I know nothing here, how does the furnace make a straight a/c work better??

We are probably going to be in this house at least 5 more years. Does it make sense to invest a couple grand into a furnace or should the existing furnace be sufficient? Will a new furnace really save us that much in heating costs?

We are leaning toward going for it, but I wanted to get some objective expert opinions prior to committing. Thanks!