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    I was just told that my compressor is having a hard time starting (it's 15 years old). The Trane rated compressor lock-out amp is at 93/103. Compressor is pulling 179 amp on initial startup. The technician recommended a hard start kit...

    Just wondering what my alternatives are...besides replacing the entire heat pump unit

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    Hard start kit would be the only option for you. Not much else will help a tight compressor. Just make sure that he has checked everything else first. Usually though, if you are pulling amps above mfg labeled amps, it's the compressor.

    Make sure that they use a real hatred start kit, and not a "Super Boost". A real kit has a start capacitor, and a relay.

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    Whats the model of your unit?

    I can't think of any Trane heat pumps without a factory
    installed start relay and start capacitor. (Not to say they are not out there... I just can't think of any off the
    top of my head)

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    I agree get a hard start kit and start to get quotes for your new unit, the hard start kit will help for a while but your compressor is 15 and needs to be put to sleep...start saving a little for your new unit...good luck

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    I would install TO-5 kick start for your reciprocating compressor it has the potential relay and start cap.

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