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    Little Lonwatcher help please

    I've got a couple of multi-port Loytec L Switches on my job site. Having trouble figuring out how to add them to Lonwatcher. I usually use Lonmaker but I'm on a military base that suggested we use Lonwatcher for this job because that is what is used by the front end user. So far, I like it, just having a few issues. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Switches or routers?

    With the multi port routers you have to add each port as a single device and then commission from the NIC back to the device. (IP side first)

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Switches are routers to your LNS DB.
    How you add them depends on your orientation from your NIC.
    Since there is no IP you do not commission first from IP.
    Search the Loytec web site for NID assignment and also examine the appropriate application notes in the support section.

    Quite honestly that LNS product could use some serious updating in regards to setting up routing/channels.

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