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    Where is the best location for an outside heat pump? I am building a new house and have an area under the back porch that is walled on three sides but open on one side. The area is 4' wide by 10' long with a concreted floor with drains and about 4' of overhead clearance. Would this be enough room for the installation of the outside unit? I am thinking that it would be a good location as it won't be near any bushes, it is sheltered and best of all, I won't have to mow around it. What are the pros and cons of this location?

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    First you need to check with the manufacture about clearances. 4 is minimum.

    Second think of yourself trying to work on that unit with just 4 of headroom. Could you give 100% under those conditions!!!

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    I think you misunderstood

    Unless you are more than eight feet tall, you shouldn't have a problem because there is 4+ feet of clearance over the top of the unit.

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    unit should not be installed under a porch. the fan on top needs free space to discharge up, if not you will just recirculate the air and cause higher pressures and also the condenser will collect alot of dirt and what everelse is going into that space

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    If there is enough air movement I don't think there would be a problem with this area. My main concern with a unit in a location like this would be noise. It will do a lot of echoing in an area like that.

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    Thanks guys,
    I will consider the noise issue. The air circulation issue shouldn't be any more of a problem than if it was sitting behind bushes and there should be a lot less dirt there than anywhere I have ever saw one installed. Actually, there should be virtually no dirt at all there.

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    Most manufacturers require 5' minimum overhead clearance, even with 5' I wouldnt install it there, The hot discharge air will just recirculate and make the unit work harder, since the air discharges from the top, it will not be the same as sitting beside bushes

    You might consider right outside of the master bedroom, that seems to be the location of choice for the builders in my area

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    Don't forget about the ice that will be formed on the patio after the defrost cycle has done it's job.

    You did say heat pump ?

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    I've seen EXACTLY the same install setup before. Head pressure was over 300 psi when it should have been less than 240.

    Start saving pennies so you'll be ready to replace the unit early- and those high elec bills, too.
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