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    I'm replacing my 30 year old Rheem AC with a Carrier Heat Pump system, replacing pretty much everything. While I'm at it, I'm thinking of moving the outdoor unit to another part of the yard. The heat pump is the 14 SEER Puron variety, with a variable speed air handler inside.

    Currently, the AC unit sits on the east side of the house, partially shaded by trees and under a small overhang from the upper floor.

    I'm thinking of placing the heat pump around the corner, to the north side of the house, mostly because it is more out of the way over there. It would be completely exposed on that side.

    If I do that, on the inside of the house, the copper tubing will need to run next to the ductwork for about 40 feet before it goes outside.

    What do you think about this? Good idea or bad?



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    I think you should put it wherever you want, the location of the lines next to duct is not a problem...units are designed to be in the elements...just keep it maintained and it'll be fine.

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    Curious as to why you are making change from a/c system to heat pump? utility rates? are you currently on natural gas? lp?

    I agree that location of the unit is not a concern as long as the airflow around and from the unit is not restricted. Make sure the refrigeration lines are properly sized for the length being used. (manufacturer should have recommendations based on the unit model being used.)
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    Thanks guys, I'm feeling comforted about this.

    I'm switching to a heat pump because I'm all electric, living in the DC area. I've got to believe there's some savings available for me, and my old unit is on its last legs anyway.



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