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    Does anyone know of a rated 18 gauge wire for outdoor use, we are starting to get a lot of rejections from electrical inspector regarding running low voltage wire along with lineset from outdoor wall to the unit. Now we have to run low voltage in conduit. Ran low voltage out side unprotected for years and never had an issue.

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    Right here.

    Which eliminates the need to use seal-tite for UV protection!

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    They changed it to conduit ten years ago in a city I used to work in because of weed wacker's not U.V. protection.If the code is required because of damage from weed wackers you will have to stay with liquid tight.
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    The 2000 and later IMC and UMC require it run in conduit to protect it from damage, not for UV protection.

    I would say that better than 90% of the transformers and/or control fuses I have ever had to replace were due to damage to the control wire to the outdoor unit by pets or lawn care equipment. Running the control wire in conduit is a good thing, unless you just enjoy replacing chewed up wire and control fuses.
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    Thanks mark...

    Didn't realise it was in the IMC...

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    Haven't ever been forced by the inspector to put in conduit
    Down south things move a little slower.
    My favorite new code is the requirement of a 115volt recepticle located at the condenser on all residential new construction. Makes vacuuming and recover not such a chore.

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