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    never say never

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    oh my gosh I never realized there are so many are out there!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all the feedback.


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    Look into Maytage it's made by Nordine. The 1010 series comes with a 10 year warranty. A air conditioner and furnace are only as good as there installation. When we were selected to be a Maytage dealer they actualy sent a factory rep up to check out our shop, and some of our previous installs. I used to think of Nordine as a lower end piece of equipment, but I went through the factory, and have installed probably a few hundred pieces of equipment over the past year or so and have had very few problems, nock on wood. But as I have stated and many others will atest to on this web site it does not matter how expensive or great of piece of equipment you buy alot of the dependebility lies in the install and duct sizing. For the person that stated that they have been pulling out alot of Goodmans,which now is part of Amana and in the past has been a fairly cheap piece of equipment to buy the problems probably lied in a cheap installation and inadiquit duct work and a sloppy installation. If you pulled it out and put your new better and improved furnace under the same duct work, you too will probably have problems in 8 years. I have installed many diffrent types of equipment in my time in this trade and as technolagy improves they all have problems. Although I changed a Goodman out under there warranty a couple months ago and I was pleased with there warranty and the way the furnace ran. Most manufactures are going to a tube heat exchanger rather then a RPJ, and most use a scroll compressor in there air conditioners. The point I an trying to make is it is not the equiptment you buy , it is the contractor that you choose and you feel comfortable with that is giong to install your equipment properly and stand behind it when it does not preform to you expectations. No piece of equipment is bulletproof, I have had good luck with Maytage so far, but have only been installing it for about a year or year and a half,so it could be to early to tell. We also sell ICP equipment, which is owned by Carrier, and it seems if they still have some bugs to work out, lots of CAT tips and recalls, but they seem to stand behind it. In my mind 75% of it is in the load calc, duct design,install, and service after the install. Talk to your friends and find a reptitual contractor. Look at there trucks, and how long they have been in buisness,take a ride by there shop and see how it's upkept,this usually says alot about the type of work they do. P.S Tempstar is a ICP product, I have installed alot of there equipment, like te new air conditioners with the slanted top and two speed condener fan motor,and have not had any problems. Although even the though the furnaces have stainless doors I think there are still some internall bugs that need to be worked out.

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