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    installed a new carrier heat pump (38eyg060) in a new home. every time condensor kicks on the lights dim. system is running normally. amp draw all within specs. pressures good. installed a hard start (spp6). lights still dim momentarily. does anyone have any ideas???? i guess i will order a factory start kit if all else fails. i am meeting the electrician there tomorrow. help!!!!!

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    My personal experience with dimming lights, a 5 ton condenser and hard start kit is that the interval of light dimming is shortened by the hard start kit and is somewhat less noticable but still there. Check the size of the wire from the breaker box to the condenser and all connections.

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    Common in newer Florida subdivisions,utility service drop wire size and transformers are smaller than years ago.That with a 3.5 ton scroll and up,you'll need a true hard start,as stated above may still dim,but not as long .

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    5 ton, inrush of compressor and fans, momentary light dimming is not out of the question. The factor is usually how dim and for how long ? Usually if the voltage sag is more than expected, the cause is possibly a main breaker going south, the size of the service wiring, and most often how far the house is from the utility transformer. Most cases I have seen are when the home is "at the end of the line" for a service transformer feed, and not much can be done.


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