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    We just rented a house (8 yrs old, 2200 sf, 2 story, 2 zone) in the Dallas metro area and went over this afternoon to do some cleaning and check everything over. I had seen that the air returns were very dirty and there was a large buildup of dust on the edges of the ceiling fans. I expected the filters to be super dirty and wanted to get them changed ASAP. To my surprise there was no filter in either location and I'd bet my bottom dollar that there has never been a filter installed (too much caulk, etc. around the edges where the filter should fit in). I'm used to seeing a metal frame where the filter goes and that isn't even present.

    I'm sure the owners will call someone in (they've been very good on having other needed repairs done) but I'd like to be able to explain to them simply and clearly what effect this has had on their system and on the electricity bills up to now and the importance of bringing in a professional and not a handy-man which they've done for the other work.

    English is their 2nd language and it's definitely can take some time to make sure everything is clear. I'm not very knowledgable in the area but I'm sure all the dust and dirt getting sucked in is affecting the life-span and effeciency of the system. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Flood back of liquid to the compressor.
    Damage the compressor.
    Burn out the indoor blower motor.
    Unnessary long run times, increasing the elec bill.
    Shorter life span of the entire system.
    Contractor locator map


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    You need the HVAC guy to check the pressure drop ,accross the indoor coil,it likely needs cleaning,and things won't be better until it's done.

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    Perhaps the filters are somewhere else.

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    Not to mention the effect it has on your and your family's lungs!!!

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    check to see if the filter is somewhere else. If it is a split system. Condensor outside and ahu or furnace / coil inside, the filter may be attached to the ahu or furnace / coil in a filter rack.

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    check at the supply registers -- if quite dirty, probably no filter anywhere

    the blower fan blades will be dirty, so MUCH capacity

    a good source of food for MOLD growth!

    you will be paying $$$$$$$$$$$, if you pay the elec & run the a/c!

    I would send registered letter. Then get one sent from lawyer --

    I would not move in --

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    your a/c coil inside the duct is packed with dirt. airflow terribly restricted. not only will the unit have trouble absorbing the heat out of your house, but in heating mode it will make the furnace run hotter. drastically reducing the life of the furnace and a/c

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    Ill bet the filter is in the air handler.

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