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    most have been mentioned already...

    Transitions between... Filter/furnace & furnace/coil.

    Switch cover, move flu to top of unit, drain trap, drain clean-out, and I don't like the copper/gal or flex gas materials.

    Now, for the main issue... CODE VIOLATION!!!!

    Gas flex can NOT penetrate the cabinet through an UNPROTECTED knockout!!!

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    I know our local code will not allow a flex like that on a furnace at all, codes are different in other places and do allow it but I agree in no code are you allowed to run a flex through an unprotected knock out, if you are allowed to penetrate the furnace cabinet at all ( I seriously doubt it) As far as the install, while looking a little messy I am sure it is not the best or the worst I have ever seen (or done if the truth be told). I have done some pretty hacky installs myself when the working conditions are awful. ie: 2 foot crawlspace, small hot attics, we get into some pretty nasty dirt floor crawlspaces, fish a lot of runs with not a lot of hangers on them. So I surely can't be critical of someone elses work unless I see it being done at the time of install and under the conditions there.

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    I think when the mfr. shows the coil to furnace ,installed with the "filler plate" they supply,exactly as the install picture is shown,we shouldn't be telling the homeowner this needs to be changed.

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