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    i have an air duct calculator, and in the friction section it shows ".10" is recomended residential setting, is it correct? i'm putting 2.5 ton unit (heat pump) in my house, so if i use this setting it shows like 14x12 duct to handle 1000cfm, so should i use that setting or not?thanks for all replies.

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    You have asked several questions in the past and had several good answers for some reason but now its my turn. Who did you buy this system from and why would you think we should tell you everything you need to know to install it. If you are installing it you should know the answer to your question or you should have hired someone that does.

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    Don't be so harsh trane. I thought we loved do-it-yersefers around here.

    Pay no mind to trane dennis_ru. All the answers you need are here, here and here.

    That last link supplies different sort of answers. But they're good ones anyway.

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    Well, Dennis, you would be doing it like a lot of other contractors do. Just the same, you'll have problems like a lot of homes do. It will cost you more to have the duct fixed than to have it done right the first time.

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    Lightbulb T.E.L. Me

    Originally posted by dennis_ru
    it shows ".10" is recommended residential setting, is it correct?
    Just make sure you have accurately determined the Total Equivlent Length ( T.E.L.) for each run.
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