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    I was called out on a job where the breaker for the heat pump was tripping. I diagnosed a grounded out compressor. Got replacement compressor under warranty(Rheem 10 SEER 3 ton was installed in March). Installed new compressor. Did nitrogen test, evac, and dropped about 6lbs. of virgin R-22. Started unit. Pressures were 175/45 at about 80 degrees outdoor and 82 degree indoor wet bulb. Was adding charge at about 10 minutes into operation when the compressor quit. I got the compressor going again with a hard start but now pressures are staying equalized; no cycle. I've been lucky in the 3 years since I've been out on my own, and this is the first compressor problem I've had on equipment I've installed. The problems seem to have started right around the time they would have started to run the AC. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    you said the pressures were equalized. check your amp draw, if it's real low then the compressor is not pumping and something inside the compressor broke. your suction pressure is way low, make sure the coil (evap.) is clean. if it is I would check the metering device. if it's an accurator it might be partially restricted. I found a Rheem heat pump this winter with the identical problem, the scroll would' nt pump (it was bad and it was warranty also) I charged it in cooling mode, but when I switched it to heat it started pumping down. Found a stopped up accurator piston in the heat pump. cleared restriction and it worked like a champ. sounds like the same problem but yours might be in the evap. coil instead of the heat pump. good luck.

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    i have had the same problem with the 10 seer ruud found a piece of what looked like a tiny bb or pellet
    at the out door piston

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    Originally posted by dmoneyc22
    i have had the same problem with the 10 seer ruud found a piece of what looked like a tiny bb or pellet
    at the out door piston
    Some of the smarter installers I have seen are installing a liquid drier at the condenser and a microscreen at the metering device.

    I have started doing that in my commercial outfit. Just a few bucks more to keep my customer from having several hundreds in losses later.

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    Thanks guys. The guys at Rheem seem to think I may have been unlucky enough to get a another bad compressor. I tend to agree as quickly as it went out.

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