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    This relates to a thread about ducts on attic floor - sorry to repeat, but this is a specific question about what equipment we are getting. We do not communicate directly with the HVAC contractor, so it is difficult to get answers. Can someone identify what these air handlers are?

    There will be 2 units. The downstairs will be serviced by a 3 ton unit. Model number for the air handler is FB4BNF036000AAAA. That air handler will be located in the basement.
    The upstairs will be serviced by a 4 ton unit. The model number for that air handler(located in the attic) is FK4DNB006000AAAA.

    I know very little about HVAC, and very little about what we are paying for. I wish I had discovered this forum a month ago. Right now I will do a search to figure out if the tonnage is a manifestion of the power of the air handler or the outside unit.

    As far as I know, the units we are getting are the Carrier Performance 13. (Carrier website states that the SEER is between 13.0 and 14.0). We were told that combining the Performance 13 with the better 3 speed air handler (FK4DNB006) will give us a SEER of 15 for the upstairs.

    We have had one brief meeting with the HVAC contractor - the builder's project manager has been the go between for most of the information we have received...

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    For SEER ratings ,you need to post the model #'s of the outdoor units.

    FB is a standard ,and FK is a variable speed air handler.

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