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    We recently found out our heat exchanger is busted on our furnace. We have interviewed a few salesman...carrier, lennox, and someone selling goodman furnaces. Has anyone heard of goodman. We are looking for a high efficiency furnace. There was also some mention about not using carrier by one saleperson because of "Preon?"

    Can any one help me?


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    'Puron' is a refrigerant (R-410), but what does it have to do with your furnace? Unless, you are changing out the a/c at the same time.
    But still, Carrier offers R-22 units too. Not that I'm a Carrier fan, but that statement was purely Idiotic!

    Goodman is the new name for Janitrol.

    All equipment SUCKS, till it's installed properly by someone that cares! So find the best tech you can possibly find!

    Good Luck!

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    A Goodman with a broken heat exchanger??? go figure...
    Here's some advice for ya.. if ya go with goodman, just make sure your airflow (duct) is sized according to the furnace, this means return air and supply... no guessin no maybe's just make sure it has enough to accomodate the blower size. As far as Puron... don't worry about that.

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    Originally posted by airconman
    A Goodman with a broken heat exchanger??? go figure...
    Just where does the OP state that the furnace he has with the broken heat exchanger is a Goodman?

    He wants information about Goodman, why not tell him the new Goodman funaces are based on a very excellent design by Amana? A company they now happen to own?

    Why not tell him about their warranty? One of the best in the business?

    Or are we still going to bash Goodman because their equipment is available over the 'net.

    Youo can buy Rheem/Ruud equipment on the 'net too, but I don't see any bashing of them for it.

    This guy came here looking for real information to make a decision, at least we could all read his post before commenting.

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    I think just about all manufacturers have a r410a(puron) a/c.

    You can still get a/c's with r22.

    The salesman that said that is not a salesman i would want talking to my relatives.

    Use one of the others.

    Go with the one that you feel the most comfortable with, and does a load calc on your house to see what size you really need.

    Remmember, the company that puts it in, is who your going to use for warranty, no matter which brand youo choose.
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    Sounds like you got a few hit and miss answers to your question. Unfortunately, when many of us attempt to address a question we revert to behavior not unlike a pack of hyenas around a carcass. Eventually, we start in-fighting and totally ignore the subject!

    Anyway, it is most important to choose a competent contractor. One who honestly and completely answers your questions to YOUR satisfaction. Virtually all equipment today, truth be known, can be acquired through means that circumvent the contractor. Obviously there are brands that are more popular and better known than others.

    It also sounds to me like someone is proposing replacing the entire system including your air conditioning ( I refer to your question about "Preon.")

    My recommendation is if you plan to remain in this house for any length of time, look at upgrading to a 90%+ efficiency furnace and an air conditioning system with an efficiency (SEER) rating of at least 13. The new mandated standards for a/c require manufacture of a 13 seer unit, minimum. Future mandates will eventually put the minimum efficiency of gas furnaces at the 90% level. With these efficiency units in your home, you will be ahead of the curve. I would also recommend that an a/c system using the new 410 refrigerant be used. Again, this is being proactive and applying foresight.

    If on the other hand, you are planning to be out of this home in less than say, 5 years, I would simply replace the furnace, perhaps even the heat exchanger depending on the overall condition of the furnace, and let the next guy make the upgrades that he wants.

    Obviously, contractors will be more likely to 'recommend' the brand of equipment they carry. Get references from other installations that have been performed in your area and don't hesitate to call them. Hearing from a satisfied customer who has been treated fairly and honestly is far better than whatever 'warm and fuzzies' you get from the salesman's presentation.

    Good luck.

    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

    Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood.

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    To answer the question, Goodman has been Goodman since the company bought the bankrupted Janitrol company in 1982. Goodman has marketed it's equipment under many names including Goodman, GMC, Janitrol etc. Goodman also owns the Amana HVAC line which it bought from Raytheon in the 1990's.

    The current Goodman condensing furnaces are actually the Amana furnace with aluminized steel instead of stainless steel heat exchangers and a different ignition system. They are produced in the old Amana plant in Fayeteville, TN.

    The current Goodman non-condensing furnace also utilizes most of the Amana furnace technology but is still produced at the Goodman plant in Houston.

    I've installed these units in homes of friends and family with no regrets., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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