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    Just to let people know that I am new to air conditioners. I am a journeyman Gasfitter with my goverment cfc's certification.

    -takes flame suit off!-

    I was working on a brand new carrier unit and was going to do superheat charge. My suction pressure would not go above 100 psi or 32f. (r-410a 12 seer) The superheat table provided by carrier had suction pressures no lower than 107 psi on the graph. outside temp was about 23c.

    I guess my question is why I couldnt go above 100 psi on suction so i can do a proper superheat charge?

    The evaporator has a fixed metering device..

    Thanks for any info.

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    Maybe a restriction, dirty filter poor duct design. We need more info!
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    FreezeKing is correct and you may want to give Carrier a call the next time you are on the rooftop.

    Carrier has a metering device called (forgive my spelling) acculators, because their filter is a microscreen it will let debris through to the acculator and stop them up. Best way to see if you have blocked metering devices is to look for icing downstream of the metering device. If that doesn't work, remove the blower belt and see if they all freeze up evenly.

    I am sorry that I will be of no help to you with 410. Other may be here soon that might help out but a good idea would be to give Carrier a call with the facts.

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