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    Hi! I had a new AC put in 2 years ago. Last year, at the beginning of the season, it didn't seem to be cooling well. I went and looked at the unit and discovered that the pipe leading up into the condenser was frozen solid. I had the company that install it come out and take a look and was told I was out of freon. The tech said she could do a leak test for $400 or put in freon for $40. I didn't have $400, so I went with the refill. Everything went great all summer, so I thought maybe it was just a fluke.

    Fast forward to present day.....Started up the unit again this summer and just like last year, after a few weeks the pipes are frozen - including the pipe leading to the coil upstairs. Now my question is do I go ahead and request a leak test or do I just have the inside coil replaced. When the outside unit was installed, they didn't replace the inside coil, which I have come to find out since, should have been. What are the odds that this is the problem? The inside coil is about 11 years old and was installed with a heat pump unit (if that matters). The new unit is a straight 4 ton AC.

    Also, I know the filters aren't an issue - we replace every month. I'm not planning on calling anyone out until tomorrow - why does this stuff always happen on weekends and/or holidays???

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    It happens on weekends and holidays since you dont have an annual check done. You will be changing the unit again if you continue to run it with a low refrigerant charge. The compressor is cooled by the refigerant and if run short of refrigerant you will not properly cool the compressor. Also the electrical usage goes up on a unit short of gas since it runs alll the time and wont shut off.

    I would change the coil IF that is where the leak is.

    I would get another company to look at it, maybe you dont need a $400.00 leak check.
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    unit is two years old and it has leaked since it was new
    first year you used it the installing company would not find the leak with out chargeing you. why didnt you have a warrenti with the unit. i wish i had coustomers like you

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    You are absolutely correct, the evaporator coil and lineset should have been replaced with the new condensor...I also am curious about the warranty? Also curious why they did not sell and install the evaporator coil and lineset when they sold you the unit...point is, regardless of what you bought you need a new evaporator that matches the unit you had installed, this should increase the efficiency of the unit but it will not guarantee leak stops, so...

    #1 New Evaporator Coil

    #2 System should be vacuumed down when coil installed, if done properly this will also indicate whether or not there are still leaks, if so a leak search is in order.

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    leak checking with vaccum is a poor practice. better done with nitrogen. vaccums will not show small leaks. if micron guage is used would have to use copper not guage hoses. guage hoses permeate (leaks)

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    Thanks senior tech. The unit is under warranty, but the tech said that the repair would only be covered if the leak was in the unit - and then only the part. She also said that the leak test would not be covered regardless. She gave no other options at the time. It was either leak test or add freon. Needless to say I didn't want to give this company any more money than need be. I am looking for another company, but having been burned before, it is hard to know who to trust.

    Thanks for the information, I just needed to know what they should be looking at so I don't get someone trying to tell me that it is an either or situation again. Appreciate it!

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    A vacuum and micron meter is the perfect way to determine whether or not you have a leak...not find it...and I of course would assume it would be done properly by the pros on this site. Poor practice? Yes, if you do not use a micron meter it would be.
    You'll notice I replied a leak search would be in order if leaks were indicated at vac down.

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