Today I noticed that some just installed AC ducting in attic is on the floor of our soon to be finished attic. The other ducts have been run overhead, i.e will be out of the way, above the ceiling, when the attic is finished. These ducts on the floor will cool my office on the 2nd floor of our under-construction (modular)house.

The office will have its own zone, remainder of the upstairs (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)on 2nd zone.

Why would they run those ducts on the floor when they know we intend to finish the space? Could they have run them up (what will be) above the ceiling?

Our builder's project manager prefers that we do not talk directly to the subcontractors so I do not know if I will be able to ask the HVAC contactor this question before I talk to the builder in a few days. The one meeting we had with the HVAC contractor was great.

Air handler in the attic is Carrier model FK4DNB006000AAAA. I think we are getting a Carrier Performance 13, which with the more expensive 3 speed air handler will give us a SEER of 15. Opted for a 4 ton unit so that we can duct and cool the attic when we finish it.

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