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    There really should be a "homeowner's" forum for this site-that way you could participate only if you wanted.
    This kind of question isn't really taking the food off anyone's table. If they're not finding anything with the unit, check the building. Is this a nat gas furnace or electric? If jel would have listed his region, even as vague as region of state, there could have been more info- fr'instance, is this in a crawlspace? If so, are the ducts sealed well, is there a negative pressure in the building envelope from improper venting(exhaust, hvac, appliances)? Is there any makeup air on this building? If there is a negative pressure condition, it will be made up with whatever holes it can find. If the unit is in the basement with a water heater and laundry dryer, it will equalize through the vents(water htr if nat gas, furnace also, in a/c season can draw down chimney)

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    Returns are very likely large enough,return duct leaks could be the problem.

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    you return is enough. look inside and see if there is mold in it. also have some one look inside the airhandler. in hi humid conditions i have seen mold growing on the coil and blowerand had to clean them. look for leaks in the return could be pull in stall air from the eare it is in
    make sure the filter is clean. then have a uv light installed to get rid of all air born germs. and look into a high eff media filter
    good luck

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    Hmm It's not always the return's fault

    If you supply air plenum and duct system are too small. The pressure along with the humidity. This is not the case in most houses but it does happen. If you have mold in your supply plenum thats more then likely the problem area. Not enough supply duct area.
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