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    how do size high effiency compared to say 10 or 12 seer systems. do you go up in size stay the same. if you run a heat load and it says 3 ton do stay with 3 ton or fiqure heat load differently.

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    Why would you increase the btu's or size just by changing refrigerants?

    R-410a 36,000 btu is the equal to R-22 36,000 btu
    The only differance is the use of POE and pressures and better performance;with R-410a.......

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    the higher the seer the less humidity removal.
    im not talking really just about puron but higher effiency equipment. ive been doing industrial hvac and just went back into business. the higher the seer ther lower the condensing temps ant the higher the suction. higher suction means warmer coils

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    Don't sell lowball equipment if humidity control is a concern. Sell equipment with varriable speed blowers, and TXV's. 2 stage cooling also helps greatly.

    All these 13 and 14 SEER systems coming out that use fixed meetering are worthless in humid climates.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    ....dont confuse efficiency with size (BTU). A 3 Ton is 3 Tons, a 10,12,13SEER simply detemines how much it cost to produce the 3 Tons in terms of cost per kilowatt/hour

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    thanks guys. i always use txv for anything over 10 seer and sometimes on 10s.

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