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    Originally posted by acmanko
    Originally posted by beenthere
    I have a pontiac firebird, with 89 octane, at 90 miles an hour, can anybody tell me what it should be taching.

    no more then 3500rpm any more and the old pos will fall apart.

    At 3500rpm, it'd be doing over a hundred.

    But it is a POS, of course, its get me where i want to go.
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    Good catch, long day, I meant cooling mode.


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    The pressure on the highsideshould be about 225 to 300. If the line temperature is close to the outside temp. your probaly overcharged. Look at the pressure chart or you gages and subtract the line temperature from the actual temp that will give you the subcool. If you have a high efficentcy system then it should be around 12-15 degrees. This is the only way to charge a TXV system properly. For a cappallary tube or orafice system superheat is the way and just do the same with the temerature and pressure on that side of the system.
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