I am replacing a 17 yr old oil heating system and Ruud AC.
2 85K BTU oil furnaces and 2 RUUd AC 2 and 2.5 ton units. The house is a 2-story contemporary with finished basement( total 3 floors of Heat/AC ). The seperate Heat/AC units are for the 1st floor and basement on one system and the 2nd floor on 2nd unit. 1st floor is approx. 1200sg ft, 2nd floor is approx 900 sq ft and basement is approx. 1000 sq ft.
Suggestions for replacement:
1. 2 3 TON Heat pumps and 2 air exchnagers. 17 SEER +
2. 1 ? TON Heat pump and zone 1st, 2nd, basement.
3. GeoThermal, zone floors and Open loop.
1st suggestion was from a contractor and I have a geothermal contractor scheduled for next week.

Thinking of replacing the oil hot water heater with an electric Marathon hot water heater.

Any thoughts or suggestions.