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    I just was looking at my plans and actually the plans call for 6 tons, not 6.5. The plans I have only have show boiler plate mechanical specs (latest edition of UBC, etc.) but on the electrical page it does reflect 6 tons when caculating the electrical load calculation and service panel requirement.

    The house has 24" overhangs and very little window area on east and west. The house is front to south, back to north.

    I really appreciate all the helpful responses. I'm going to ask the archiect for the Manual J and D (if they exist) and post some of that data here.

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    Chances are that if an architect did one it was by the REScheck. With what I've seen it appears that REScheck comes out with higher numbers partly because it does not take into consideration the direction the house is facing.

    By the way, I have been factory trained for Honeywell zone controls and they specifically state that you should go with the heat load calcs. It may be true that a person can calculate the rooms for different times of the day and calculate which rooms will not be used at that time, but when the lifestyle changes (such as being put on graveyard shift thus wanting the bedroom cool during the day while the wife wants the living quarters cool too) the factors may change. Also adding forced ventilation, an additional heat source (such as a bedroom fridge), additional occupants (IE temporary guests from out-of-town) will all play a factor. I believe that going with the Manual J at 97.5% of demand met is compromise enough. However that is only my opinion.

    So now you've got two of three opinions. The only opinion not posted is one that says, "overkill, Overkill, OVERKILL".

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