i was curious if any contrctors have a frustrating time getting paid from general contractors or home owners?what upsets me is say a 10k job on a new house,install a furnace and ductwork with a/c,start the job jan 1st with a 3k deposit put in all the duct work,every tihing else on the job goes slow(g/c an idiot).mid march now install unit and coil,get another 3k.job really going slow but i cant bill for any more money untill the job is finished,i cant finish the job because there is no pad for the outdoor unit,cant put grills in because no paint and its end of april,finally painted so i install grills,electrician has not wired furnace yet now its mid may g/c says should have yard graded and a pad in place in 2 weeks (june)well now june rolls around and there is a pad to install outdoor unit on,finish installing the outdoor unit and submitted a bill for final payment on june 8th well now the chase is on,g/c says bank pays him on the 20th and he will pay me,2 weeks after that he gives me another 3k,now in july and the bottom line is this little job has been on my back for over seven months,they still owe me 1k and i have to go back to change the location of the kithen diffuser.my question is what is your advice on proper contract wording to insure payments and not scare away people with technical wording?? my present contract states 30%deposit,30%upon rough in 30% upon equipment placment,10%due job completion.