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    I'm new to the HVAC world and new to this forum. I have much interest in pursuing a career in HVAC, and am very axious to learn the trade. I've gone through the union process, passed all the tests and interviews, but I was formerly very low on the list with a very long wait and now need to re-apply again.
    Its been very difficult finding a non-union apprenticeship or job with as little experience in the field as I have. I have a type 1 and 3 license and a diploma through Milwaukee Area Technical College, and know I need a type 2 license which I will get. I live in Racine, Wisconsin and every company I apply at tells me that I have to little experience or that work is slow. I'm hoping someone here can give me any suggestions they may have to help get my foot in the door and on the way to a new career in HVAC. I know a type 2 license is a must, but any other suggestions would be great or if someone could help me get on my way it would be much appreciated.

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    Be more specific.... what do you want to do?

    Are you a family man?

    Are you willing to relocate?

    Do you have relatives in your area?

    Do you have family in other parts of the country?

    Surely you must be in contact with others who attanded class with you. What are they doing now?

    Will your school help with job placement?

    Have you visited HVAC-AGENT online?

    What are you good at?

    Where does your passion lie?

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    Racine, Wisconsin
    I am willing to relocate, I am very passionate about learning new things everyday especially when it comes to learning the trades. As for family in other parts of the country My dad lives in California, I live in Wisconsin and I am really close to my family here, so I would like to stay in Wisconsin or any state in the Midwest, I would especially like to relocate to North Dakota. School did offer help with job placement but you are competing for the same job with over 200 students in the program including union students. I've never heard of HVAC agent online but thanks to you I will be checking it out immediately. I don't have a wife or children my kid is my hunting buddy, mae, she's my yellow lab. As for my passion it lies mostly in becoming great at anything I do, whether it be hunting or the trades. I've lost contact with much of the students I attended school with after I received a new job at Harley Davidson.

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