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    Linking points in a Jace

    I need to link a point, an analog input in a Honeywell XL15C, to a point in a Distech Free Programmable. Can I link a point like this to an nvi? It seems that I have tried this in the past with no luck but that might have been a formatting issue.
    Exactly what I am looking to do is link the outdoor air temp to my Distech program to use it as an input to a 'Hysterisis' and 'Linear' block for outdoor air lockout and reset. I can do it with a constant numeric in the Distech program but I am unsure if this is the right way to do it and I'm wondering if there is a better block to use for a linked niout like this.

    Thanks for any help
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    Once you've normalized devices in niagara you can link outputs to inputs just like if you were linking from points from like manufacturers. You cannot link from a niagara object to a nvi, it has to be normalized into a niagara object first.

    Hopefully this is what you are asking about.

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    I don't know about an XL15C, but if that AI is mapped to an nvo, a direct lon binding is the best way to share data between them.

    From a post on niagara-central:
    You definitely should not use Lon proxy points to share data between Lon devices. This topic is mentioned in the NiagaraAX Lonworks Guide. search the PDF for "Misuse of Lon proxy points", or to see it in Workbench Help, press Ctrl-L (open ord) and paste this in:
    Also, see this:

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    Configure your hardware point AI in the 15C as 'Outside air Temp' and download the controller. In Distech, drop an nvi point on your programming wiresheet and name it 'nviOaTemp' or whatever you choose. Configure that point as a SNVT tempP. Download distech controller. From the network tree, right click on the Distech controller, hover over 'views', then select 'changeable NV manager'. Change the nvi FPxxx (whatever point # your 'nviOaTemp' is) to SNVT tempP - this has live on the controller.

    Now you can link between the 15c and the Distech. In the network tree, right click on the 15c, select 'link mark'. Right click on the Distech controller, select 'link from'. A window will pop up allowing you to link OaTemp between controllers. You can view the link by going to the wire sheet of the LonNetwork.

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    I thought "linkmarking" would make a niagara proxy point binding.?
    I always do LonDevice to LonDevice bindings on the LonNetwork wiresheet. This should generate a 'green' connector between your two LonDevices.

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    link mark from -> link mark to, at the device level is the same as via the Lon wiresheet view.
    proxy-to-proxy will work too, but when the JACE is down, so is your binding.
    The idea is to keep things peer-to-peer on the lon network.

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