My existing furnace has 5-ton blower in it. I'm trying to have a central AC installed. Most of the contractors who looked at my house indicated that I should be installing a 5-ton AC unit. One contractor, however, performed a manualJ? analysis and concluded that a 3-ton unit would be the right size. From what I've learned, it would not be a good idea to install a 3-ton coil on top of my furnace as this restricts the airflow too much. What the contractor suggests is that I should opt for a 4-ton AC unit and have a 5-ton coil mounted on the furnace. Supposedly this is a compromise between a 5-ton and 3-ton AC units. Anyway the question that I have is that does this make sense? Would there be any problems with a mismatched AC components e.g. 4-ton AC with a 5-ton indoor coil?
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