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    I am totally blown away buy this thread. Some of us who always seem to disagree on "other" stuff are on the same page.

    The brain washing is not only in the Schools, propaganda/brain-washing is all over the TV too.

    Going back to Gibs original question? I think "we" (the parents) have actually unintentionally "Socialized" our on kids by giving them so much stuff they didn't work for but some of whats in School Books is totally wrong. Period.

    Between Socialization and the Double Standard, we are almost done for.
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    I can't sleep at night thinking about the course we're on. My kid's friends for the most part have decent work ethics, but a good proportion are borderline losers. I worry that global events are going to crush us, though. I cannot get my arms around what it will mean if our currency absolutely crashes, and it is hanging by a thread.
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    “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”

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