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    any one here able to give me info on san antonio texas? how is the job market and pay for a residential and light commercial service tech. with 5yrs exp. thanks all
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    quick answer get off the computer get out there and pound the pavement like so many of us already have you will have a much better chance of landing a job if you walk into a shop and fill out an app. you have 50 50 shot that you will be seen by the boss GOOD LUCK!!!!

    P.S. I'm not being smart in this trade only the aggressive stay working

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    It's hot, 'cause it's Texas.
    Pay is low, same reason.
    Too close to Mexico to command top wages.

    That being said, you are worth whatever you negotiate.

    Happy hunting.

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    That's what I love about this site ... you can come online here and have a fifty fifty chance of getting your question answered harshly or considerately.

    Contact me and I will give you a phone number to a guy in San Antone.

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