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    EBI server backup best practices advice needed

    We have an EBI R310.1 system (HVAC only with 10,000 licensed points) that was supposed to be set up with a server PC located in our data center and a separate operator workstation PC located in the Engineering Dept. Unfortunately the remote server was "value engineered" out so what we ended up with was just the one PC that performs as both the server and the operators station. We have no redundancy. What is the best to back up the system in case the PC crashes and burns. I have already had the IT Guys do a Symantec Ghost image of the server. I am going to test it by downloading the ghost image to a new identical PC that is fresh out of the box with nothing on it and then swap them out. Please give your opinion and tell me if this is good enough or should we be using another backup utility.
    Also, has anyone had any catastrophic failures with their EBI server or workstation PCs.
    What do other owners of EBI do to insure there will be no disruption in their BAS.

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    Full disk image backup is your best bet.
    If the machine were to ever meltdown and you were to replace it with identical hardware, you'd still have to get a new license code as the license is tied to the mac address of the primary NIC.

    Good luck.

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    you ought to disconnect the good hard drive and make sure your image works onto a new point having an image that fails to restore when you need it!

    you should copy the data folder, run folder, quick builder file, abstract folder at the very least...but stop server and copy whole honeywell folder is best...there is a command that escapes me..fulbckup or something that makes a backup of important stuff as well that can be copied to portable drive as well.

    I've restored images and just copied the latest copy of the honeywell folder over the top of itself and got system current again...not recommended but it works..also had server fail..same thing and up and running in no time

    backup backup backup!

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    Add another hard drive, clone the drive to the new one and then unplug it. You will just have to register the server if you use the new hard drive.

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    Agree with the disk imaging and being prepared to deal with the hassle of a restore even on a PC that is identical.

    Think about beefing up the machine too, RAID 1 to protect against a drive failure. Automate the disk imaging somehow because you know they wont stay on top of that if it is all manual. Service contract on the computer for on site hardware fixes.

    If you really want to get advanced you can virtualize the server portion on that computer. Virtual machines aren't tied to any specific hardware so if that dies and you cant find the exact same PC you could replace it with anything computer hardware wise and pop the vm image on there no problem. I know plenty of shops with this mindset now for critical stuff, it makes supporting changing hardware much easier.
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