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    have a customer wants outdoor walk-in cooler-freezer. always sold Bally boxes exclusively. price is kind of steep and i know this guy is shoppin. any other box you guys think compares to bally.

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    Personally, I dont think I will ever put in another Bally box. They sure arent what they used to be since United Refrigeration bought them. I have put in 6 and 4 of them the roof was 3/4" shorter on the legnth. (And yes the box was square) I used to install Hardford and I think I am going back to them. Think Johnstone is the distributor.
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    I believe Penn makes a cooler/freezer that is decent.

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    Koldpack in jackson Michigan manufactures very nice boxes.
    You can contact Dan Sandoval at 517-764-1550 or 800-824-2661. X 1#
    Great guy and sells nationwide.

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    leatherneck mentioned Penn.........

    ........Wow. That brought me back almost forty years. My father sold a lot of Penn walk-ins back in the sixties. I got to help out on a few if I wasn't in school that day.

    They were very well built and not a bad price either (otherwise Dad wouldn't have bought them ). The really unique deal with them was that they shipped all their boxes on their own trucks and the driver would direct your crew for the installation. No damaged panels, all were stacked in the truck according to how it went up and you had a factory guy who did cooler erections every day.

    The only other company I've seen that does the installation assistance thing was Tonka out of Minnesota. It's called Crown/Tonka now but I think they still do it. Back in the late eighties when I worked for a market chain in CT, Tonka delivered and set up a complete 55,000 SQ FT store's worth of coolers and freezers only to have the building inspector reject the untreated wood floor screeds under ALL the boxes. They came back, took them all down and replaced the screeds with pressure treated wood. What a bummer. Great boxes and good people.

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    I can get you Kysor, American Panel, Am Cold, Tyler, Imperial, Kolpak, National Cooler, AmeriKooler...more
    All nice boxes w/ great customer svc before & after the sale. Best pricing too
    Let me know if you want details. It's what I do nationwide.

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