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    Memorial weekend....did a couple of service calls for a friend(we network when busy)no big deal.
    A month ago I wasn't sure if I was gonna' have to work for someone else or what....and then....BOOM!
    The phone is ringing off the hook. Changeouts, trim-outs, estimates, proposals and a new set of installation plans to look over.
    Looks like 16 hour days are on the way

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    It has been busy here for a while but two weeks ago when it hit 100f all he** broke loose. When it hit 110+ just made it worse.....
    I guess the old adage "Make hay when the grass is green" goes...

    We'll be going hard at it for the next three plus months. Till it drops in temp.

    Ol'well we can always change jobs if we don't like it, no?

    What is snow? Is it that white stuff in a freezer?

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    Its been real busy here too don;t know when was the last time I had a good supper but I know I am going to grub this weekend unless I get an emergency call.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Yuma
    I guess the old adage "Make hay when the grass is green" goes...

    Yep, what a wacky business

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    I personally have been out the last 3 weeks due to thyroid removal. I go tomorrow to finish the last of my treatment, I am looking foward to some of those 16 hour plus days. I always find it easy to b*tch when it gets busy, but after 3 weeks of nothing, you remember how good you have it when you are busy.

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