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    Hi all,

    I just bought a new duplex, it's a small ranch style (936 sq ft each side) and plan on upgrading the furnaces soon and also install air conditioning. Unfortunately gas isn't an option in this area and I am stuck with electric. The current furnaces I have are Fedders CKE018A7A's (can't find any info on them anywhere) on each side. This duplex is not a rental, I live in one side and a family friend is on the other side. I'm capable of doing the install myself but I registered here because there is tons of information to help me learn about how the systems work and what I need. I may understand electrical and installation but what parts I need and how they work is way above my head. Mainly I want to just install AC but with looking at how old these furnaces look I am pretty sure it is worth the upgrade since I am sure they're pretty inefficient, they're loud, and I'd guess not as reliable since they have many years of use on them. My workspace is pretty limited too so it'd be easier to just replace the current furnace with stuff that is all inclusive and capable of accomplishing what I need with the space I have(a closet).

    When it comes to wiring, I understand it and know how to make it "work" but I'm lucky enough to have a brother in law who's an electrician and is actually a state inspector so I can be guided in the right direction to make sure everything is done right. I think my thermostats are decent though, they are Honeywell TH8320U1008's so I assume they'll be fine.

    Anyway thanks for reading my intro, when it comes time to buy/install I'm sure you'll see a post with me stringing you along for the ride when it's time to choose products all the way to the end to ensure I don't screw it up

    This is something I want to do myself, I know I'm not a qualified installer and I won't have my equipment warrantied etc but it is something I want to learn. My electrical work was mostly done on aircraft minus a few years I was head maintenance at a large apartment complex (100+ units) and the work there was simple, just changing a few sockets/switches here and there, new fixtures etc. I do dabble in electrical pretty often as a hobby too with building switches and whatnot any chance I can. I'm no "pro" but I enjoy it and I take pride in doing things myself. I am sure there are some of you that will disagree with doing my own work and I have looked at the possible downsides and I'm willing to take that risk, hopefully I don't get a lemon . With as small as my duplex is I will need very small units (less expensive) so warranty isn't as important since I don't really have that much to lose even if it goes bad and needs worked on or replaced.

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