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    Can someone tell me what my options are for replacing an old radiant heat system with a furnace and central air? This is for a second floor apartment. The old radiators are cast iron and very heavy. The boilder is newer. I think renters would prefer to have central HVAC. Plus I don't want to have to mess with the radiant heat all the time and it makes a horrible knocking noise in the winter when it is really cold. The radiators heat with steam.

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    Is there an attic above the apartment, if not, you'll need a utility room.

    Your ducts may have to be run throuogh the apartment, and then have to be chaised.

    It should be less expensive to fix the steam system then install a hot air system with a/c.
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    It is the nature of the beast for steam heat to knock and ping. But, from a landlord stand point it would be nice to have GFA and A/c. Is there attic space above this apt? You need somewhere to put duct work. You could put the furnace in a closet or it could go in the attic to.Get a couple of contractors to look at it and get some ideas.
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    The boiler probably heats the whole building right. Cutting out all the rads on this apartment might oversize the boiler and cause other problems in the building. If you have a flat roof, you could do a packaged system and run insulated ductwork down into the apartment.

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    A boiler will last up to 50 years if maintained properly. ( I have seen some last longer than that.) Find yourself a well qualified company that works on steam systems and they will be able to fix it properly. Your tenants will be much more comfortable with steam heat than scorched air. Since you have steam heat I am assuming that you live in a colder climate? A space pak a/c system has smaller ducts and may fit the bill to provide what you need. Some steam traps and some other small repairs may be all you need.

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    I would get a pro experienced with steam to check out your entire heating system and have them make any repairs/adjustments first - there is no more comfortable heat than radiant. Probably much less expensive and cost-effective - then look into AC for cooling.

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    id go for the gasforced air its much cheeper to run than steam

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    How much is much cheaper????????????????
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    If its your rental property, go forced air.If its your house stay with the boiler, better heat!

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