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    Novar ep.file problem


    Job had a workstation for novar in the back with ess and isope on it but it died and the company hasnt made a decision to replace it.

    Job has a computer in the office with Iscope on it but no ess.

    We need to add a piece of equipment to the job and need to do some configuring in ess.
    I look on the old external backup drive that used to be attached to the workstation and find the old NOVARCTL file. Looking around I find a version of ess and install this version on the office pc.

    ess version is, iscope on the office computer is 2.24.3 .

    I only replaced ess on the office workstation because Iscope was working...and it is working with a couple of other programs to take the data logs and store them on a server.


    Anyhow... I go to do a download and it ends up giving me an error message that no ep file.ovl can be found and that I should go to diagnostics and create the file.

    I go to sys diagnostics and it shows a couple of files there but I cant do anything with them, cant create a new one....

    I go into NOVARCTL folder and the files are there..... In folder DLF. This seems to be standard novar files that are installed with the software.

    One thing I did fail to do is do a version download to the lingo. The ess programming in my backup I restored was last revised to ess 4.50

    ess seems to be working fine, I can go into monitoring functions and monitor the equipment running with the exception of the load that I added.

    I didnt think this would be much of an issue but now Im wondering if that could be my problem.

    Anyone ever had any ep file problems and could you guide me toward a possible solution to my problem.

    Will a version download cure my ep file problem ???

    Is there somewhere where I can check ess file paths, maybe ess is not looking in the right place for some reason ???

    This is a very difficult job to work on. Its production equipment and a download takes the plant down...and to do a restart on the computer requires I get someone with a password to restart the comp and adding software requires the company bringing an IT guy from 50 miles away with administrator privledges.

    Its a pain in the rear to do anything there but I need to get this done and working this week.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Pretty sure you just need to drop that file in the DLF folder.

    Check your email.
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    The strange thing is that the ep.file.ovl is already in the NOVARCTL DLF folder.

    Makes me wonder if ESS is looking in the right place. you see anything wrong with me installing that version of ess on that comp that already had iscope on it ???

    Ess appears to be running along fine when in monitoring mode, just can download to the exec.

    I might have to try taking a epfile.ovl from another source ( thanks) and dropping it into the NOVARCTL DLF folder and just see what happens.

    I will more than likely be calling novar tech support in the am but the one I normally deal with doesnt usually have any answers that I have not come up with myself and that is if you can get hold of him.

    I guess what I am saying is that my particular novar support chain offers no support...~:>
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

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    Just continuing this in case anyone else ever has a problem and uses the search feature.

    I think I found out where I royally screwed up.

    When I installed ESS on the customer office computer I only installed ESS. I didnt install the download files which should...and Im only guessing here...but making an educated guess.... but these download files are what goes in the DLF folder.

    Because there was already a NOVARCTL folder on the comp and because there was already a DLF folder with files in it on the comp I did not install the download files. I was more worried about screwing up what was already in the working fine computer.

    Im hoping that I can just take the existing files out of the DLF folder and put them away in a folder on the desktop and just take the download files off the setup disk I used and copy and paste them into the DLF folder.

    I did this on my novar computer at home...but not connected to a system and it tried to do a download......but of course without a remote system it would never connect.

    So I think thats it.....just a case of ignorance on my part.

    I will repost the results later after I actually get back to the job and try it.

    Hope the copy and paste will work....cause this place is a nightmare to do anything on their comp. Just to install ESS on the comp required someone to drive from another location to log in as admin.
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

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