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    Journeymans test Va

    Any advice to getting thruogh the ventalation part of the exam quickly I seem to run out of time

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    test for union?
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    I do not work with it every day and looking for some advice

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    The test is open book. If you have taken the test before you should know whats on it so put tabs in the book so you find the info quickly. Its a pretty simple test.
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    The main thing you want to do is, go through the exam, and answer what you know,or can find quickly. Then come back to the questions that you could not find. I passed my journeyman about 10yrs ago, and masters 6yrs ago. On my masters there was about 2 questions in there using table 403.3, and 1 question on natural ventilation 402.3. I bombed my first try at the Journeyman Exam. Then I found Ben Dubois at Richard Hobbs HVAC Controls School. He is the best at explaining book, and all formulas. This was the best money I have ever spent (took class 2x) !!! He has a formula on using the code book, or any exam book for testing. It helped me pass my journeyman, masters, and now Class A contactors exam. Trust me im a Backwoods Country Boy testing is not me. If I can pass it anyone can, that is no BULL**** !!!!!!! So Keep your head up, and good luck !!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks That's me can fix anything tests are not me

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