My wife and I are building our own home (subbing everything out ourselved) and are already "in the dry". I have been trying to educate myself as much as possible throughout every step of the process to make sure and choose the right materials and subs.

We are building just outside of Lufkin, TX which is about 120 miles north of Houston and 170 miles southeast of Dallas. Our house isn't typical construction. We chose to go with metal interior and exterior framing instead of wood and a metal roof. It is a 2400 sq foot single story.

We are looking at doing 3 1/2" of open cell foam in the walls and 5 inches on the bottom of the roof deck to have a completely sealed system. We designed the house with minimal windows and only a few of them are not shaded.

After all the reading I've done here, I think we're not going to use either of the HVAC companies we've talked to.

My head is spinning from all the information I've read in here, but part of what I need to know is:

1.) How to choose a good HVAC company/contractor?

2.) Will they be telling me what I should get or need or should I have to tell them?

For example, if a guy I talk to tells me we shouldn't bring in fresh air from the outside, should that rule him out? Or if someone says a heat pump really isn't worth the extra cost? I know this is a huge decision and want to do it right the first time.