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Thread: CCN problem

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    I have a question on Carrier Comfort network.

    Yesterday we went to start a new system. Four small carrier units with the Premierlink conversion boards. We also installed the Premier link stats. On start up with the navigator tool we do not find any way to address the Premierlink board. Needless to say the documentation is never very clear. am I missing something on the programming?The sales guy said networking them was very easy. I have never seen a network with out addresses.

    We also found the existing controls are Basys controls with the sz1022n stats. They do have a comm wire attached. We are thinking the sales boys never checked the existing control system out before the change over. The CCN is now going to connect to a CCN data link to the Johnson system.

    I just get the feeling we are going in one big circle.

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    All of the PLink boards are 0,31. You can NOT change them with the Navigator. When in LEN mode, address goes to 0,1. That's why you can't have it on the bus when in LEN mode.

    You'll need Search or Network Service Tool to change the address.

    EDIT: Search is a FREE stand-alone program that is intended to supplement ComfortView. NST will cost bucks, but it's great if you do a lot of CCN service or install work.

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    Thanks for your help.

    On a visit to the site today I called our Carrier rep. Finally after talking with him I came to the conclusion, CCN is not ready for me. They want us to pay them to come out and address the controllers.

    The print called for CCN to interface with Johnson, why I have no idea. The expense for the integrator and data link was outrageous. Not to mention the problem of who to call when the system goes down.

    I was able to get the existing TCS Basys system to do everything the plan called for. Tomorrow the CCN goes back to Carrier. Good luck to the next guy installing it.

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