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    looking for old temco triple wall pipe

    Sorry to bother you all again with a similar post - but I have much better information now. After speaking with CFM tech support, I learned that Temco went under several years ago. They have sold off all remaining inventory of the 9/12/15 triple wall pipe that fits our TBF-42 fireplace. I would like to increase the height above roof deck of the pipe that I am re-flashing as part of a roofing project. Apparantly the original installers back in the swinging '80s did not meet the 10' radius rule for clearance to the roof deck. (6/12 roof with chimney 4' above deck far from the roof peak). If I cannot determine a way to extend the pipe before adding a new chimney cap, we will be faced with either a total system replacement, or mothballing the system as it is not safe to use.

    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows where a little piece of Temco 9/12/15 pipe might be laying around.


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    Go ahead and disregard this post - I located a bunch of old Temco stock.

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    old or used?

    By old, I pray you don't mean used.

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    do you know where I can get a 2' section of that pipe and a top cap? sub-contractor screwed me when he threw away the old chimney and went out o business a few weeks desperate need will pay top $

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    I am also looking for some old (new or used) Temco triple chimney pipe/flue. THe inner pipe is 8", middle is 11", outer is 13 3/8". Have had no luck elsewhere, so any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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