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    Installation is a industrial cooling application, chilled water. Customer insists that we give them a free 2nd year parts and labor warranty. I know industry standard is 1-year parts and labor. In industrial applications 1 year is more than generous since they use and abuse the equipment all year round. What do you usually offer on new installations? 40+ tons
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    as soon as I walk out of the place...warraty is OVER !!!

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    As most manufacturers parts warranty period is for one year you will be exposing yourself to enormous risk if there is major component failure. I suggest looking into insurance coverage for the 2nd year to cover the parts and/ the labor. Companies like Marsh McClellan and Lloyd's of London handle this all the time. Just price it accordingly.

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    Most manufactures provide extended warranties, but you have to pay for it.

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    If your client wants a second year then he should have to pay something toward that. The compressor can usually have an additional 4 year warranty extended from the factory but the remaining parts should have some monies put in for those items. Also, for a second year You should get a full maintanence contract to cover yourself.

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