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    We own a apartment building and still have 1 original air handler left and I was wondering what brand it is and what ever else I could find out about it..I got much of the model and serial # as I could read off of it..
    Model# 40AQ02?33
    Serial# R2A4328???
    I put question marks in spots I couldn't read of the Model and Serial #'s

    The outside units(condensers)were Ruud 2 ton 10 seer units..
    I just had 1 condenser replaced due to a servive valve leaking and it was 23 yrs/old..

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    Considering the age of the units I can see you wanting to replace the condensing units and air handlers. Forgive me for not answering your original question, but why would you have to replace a condensing unit because of a leaking service valve?

    As always with respect,

    Yes we have air conditioning in our igloos.

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    1982 Carrier 2 ton air handler.

    I think rebel made the right call replacing the outdoor unit and not putting big bucks into a new service valve for a worn out unit! Hope it wasn't put on a 23 year old air handler!

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    23 year old air handler

    Apartment A & B got a new outside unit,the inside units in A,B,And C are about 5 or 6 yrs/old and D inside unit is 23 yrs/old..C's outside is about 11 and D is about 12 yrs/old.
    How can you tell on the model# or serial# what brand the inside units are?Also,where on the internet can you find that info?Matt

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