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    I went on a no cool call yesterday to find the residential split system a/c was completely out of refrigerant.

    After easily finding the leak in the evaporator I informed the customer I would be able to repair the evaporator coil.

    Normally i wouldn't braze on an evaporator, but the leak was on the head tube and appeared to be caused by friction from the galvanized cover.

    After I made all the repairs I began to put the galvanized doors back on. I noticed the door would spark when I hit the evaporator tubing a certain way.

    I turned all power off to the equipment outdoor a/c and all and it still would short out.

    I then informed the HO the cause of the leak was an electrical ground.

    Told HO to call electrician to have the short found before I complete my repairs.

    HO then told me he had wired up some new receptacles and lights.

    My bill was right at $500.00 dollars. Electrician charged $225 to locate the short and repair.

    HO had a hot touching a metal box searhing for ground in a mobile home.

    He could have had the receptacles and lights installed for less than $725.00.....

    Don't think you know how get some one who does. If a pro should mess up you can hold him liable.
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    Sounds like fun!! Not I run into this kinda stuff all the time. Especially switched neutrals.

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