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    Came across these old pics of an old Carrier R12 water cooled system I replaced...

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    Did it have a wooden slat natural draft cooling tower out in the yard? Looking at the pics it looks like it used tap or well water for cooling.

    When I was a kid, the wooden natural draft towers were a fairly common sight here in N. Texas. An old tech I knew said they worked great as long as the maintenance was kept up on the towers.

    Which is why water cooled units aren't in residential applications anymore, among other reasons.

    The comp looks like what was in our Lennox condenser when I was a kid. The unit was horizontal discharge, slant front grill, with a big ol' Westinghouse compressor slung on springs that sounded like a semi-herm when it ran. Rumor has it there's still a few of those tanks out there pounding away summer after summer.
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