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    Honeywell EBI and Tridium


    I am trying to understand how Honeywell's BMS product suite works.

    For instance, I know that JCI has two main product lines--Metasys, which is sold through branches and which is closed protocol, and Facilities Explorer, which can be sold by independent dealers / contractors and which is based on Tridium.

    Does Honeywell similarly have two product lines like this? I know they sell EBI... is this the equivalent of Metasys?


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    EBI is in a class by itself.
    It is an enterprise system "front end" incorporating functions beyond HVAC including life safety and card access.
    Honeywell currently offers the XL5000 family of products which can be run by their XBS front end or incorporated into EBI. It is Lon compliant.
    Metasys might not be an open system, but I'm not sure

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    Johnson's FX is Tridium Jace, which I think they have developed a driver for their N2 bus.

    Honeywell has 2 channels as well, Comfortpoint system which is a part of EBI, and the WEBs AX is for system distributors and contractors.

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    The company I work for is a large Honeywell dealer in our area. We do XL5000,and Webs AX. The XL5000 jobs have SymmetrE front ends basically EBI licensed for Hvac Application only.The controllers are XL5000, like XL50,500,800. The Webs system is the AX platform and spyder controllers. I believe your sales commitment allows you access to different lines weather you are a ACS,ACI contractor.They have a line LCBS, which is no sales commitment, And anyone can play. Also we are a large Johnson Controls dealer we have have been installing branch stuff for awhile. The NAE with FEC controllers, but we have been told buy our supplier, we are no longer able to buy the branch stuff, and will only be able to support existing customers.We are having to go down the Tridium line, FX60 with FEC controllers I think that's great the FX panel kills the NAE. We were taking a lot of Big Blue's business. I don't think the Mothership, wanted us on the same playground anymore!!.

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    I just heard from my supplier today that the FX controllers, 5-16 are going away and we will only be able to use their new FX stuff, modeled after the branch FEC's. I am a bit in shock as we spent the last few years getting used to programming and commissioning these things. I cannot believe big blue is simply dropping the line. Does anyone have any information as to why they are doing this? I am really concerned about supporting my old clients and now performing new clients going forward. One of my customers had some FEC's and they were having a lot of problems that the branch could not solve. They still ask us to install DX-9100s which were supposed to go away awhile ago anyway. I am considering switching to another manufacturer, feeling very betrayed at this point. I have been using jci equipment since the eighties. Previous platforms have been around for years, if not decades. I just don't get it.

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    Thanks for the input.

    So am I correct in understanding that both Honeywell and JCI are now only letting dealers sell Niagara-based products? And that only Honeywell / JCI's branches will be permitted to sell EBI / Metasys products?

    And as a follow-on question to Norriski--are you able to sell Honeywell lighting controls? Or are you limited to HVAC?

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    jcz248 I'm not sure on that, I have only done HVAC with it. I will ask and let you know. DST-TECH from what we have been told, the FEC'S are going to be programmed with CCT. I think CCT sucks large learning curve, and is just odd. Good Luck!!!

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    Honeywell Excel 5000 controllers are available from the branch or the ACI and ACS contractors.
    EBI is a branch only front end, which includes HVAC, fire, security, etc.. SymmetrE is the contractor version of it, for HVAC only.
    XBS is an obsolete front end.
    The Tridium Niagara AX products are sold as Comfortpoint by the branch, using Honeywell Lon or BACnet controllers or other BACnet controllers made by someone else for Honeywell. The AX products are sold by contractors under the WEBs brand name, including Lon controllers, and BACnet versions of the Spyders.

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