I have a nice slide chart that gives expected air off temps , dry bulb when evap entering wet bulb is known. I also have a great generic chart for fixed flow metering devices to gauge your superheat at a given wet bulb evap in and outdoor dry bulb at the condenser.
I recently purchased a CD-Rom from RSES that is called HVAC Supertech. Hold it, I know what at least a handful are screaming right now, ONLY a lazy tech would use this for diagnosis. That isn't the case. I am jus interested in another avenue of learning and will be sure to pick up something from the CD. Anyway, getting back to the subject of the post....
The interesting part of this CD is that when you punch in DB and WB evap in and SEER, the program gives you an EXPECTED Suction pressure. I have been a service tech for ten years and apprenticed for a bit before that, like the rest of you. A lot of you have been around for a while longer, I know, but I swear, that was the Holy Grail of all questions...What is the suction pressure supposed to be? So, I ask this question to you all: The CD is obviously using a formula to figure this out. Has anyone seen a chart , like the ones I mentioned above, that actuall REFERENCES expected back pressures for a given heat load? Please learn me on this one....Thanks.